The area of design is constantly changing. Only a few decades ago, designers mainly focused on prints but as soon as the internet hit, the whole field of designing digitally came to life. Now we not only have to consider what device we are designing for, but what screen sizes, device abilities, user interactive abilities and more for our audience.

Some suggested strategies for adapting to the mobile app design world is:

Change the way you Work

  • This means taking on new processes that help us achieve out goal. An example of this is “Lead UX Cycles”. This is a wheel with 3 main sections, THINK, MAKE, CHECK. We don’t ever stop at a certain stage, rather we keep adapting per iteration. We find a problem, create prototypes or wire-frames that address the issue, then check if it helps solve the problem. And so on this cycle continues.
  • This forces us to priorities what information is is most important, where it should be located and how the user interacts with it. Only after this can we starts to consider other sizes of screens where we have more real estate to work with.

Understand Development

  • Learn to understand the entire process so you can achieve a better result. This means understanding the other tools or programs as well as the terminology used in the workplace. This creates a more free flowing environment and better understanding with the team.

Use a variety of Operating Systems

  • You can not use your own phone to test your application. You must be able to test your application on iphones, Android and other phones with different operating systems. For example the location of tabs changes between platforms and so this must be considered when designing.

Prototype Everything

  • It can be as simple as a drawing but it is also best to have a working prototype that has images, transitions and some functionality.


To make an app you have to stick to the app development process. However before getting into the process we need to consider how to adapt to the mobile world. Some strategies include, changing the way we work, understanding the development process, using different operating system and prototype everything we make.