How do you describe the visual Design?
The layout is simple. Only icons and some text. However this does not make it a very simple and easy to navigate app. Although simple, there are to many icons and there is also a second page of them.
For an app, the screen real estate to so valuable. As we are already in an app we know the company of why does the logo take up almost one third of the apps screen space?
Does it match the university’s brand image?
Yes. The logo and colours makes the app easily identifiable. The icons keep to the brand guidelines as well as the type.
What improvements could be made?
The apps navigation system needs to simplify. With to many icons, the app looks crowded and with every icons keeping the same style, colour and size, the user needs to look hard to find what they want to find. This can be improved with 4 categories holding the relevant icons.
The app is very dull. You can not look at the app for more then ten seconds without feeling bored or having the urge to click away. Adding imagery would liven up the app, making it more user friendly to the eye.
Here is the original design:
Here is my redesign:
This consists of the loading screen, app page and selected category.
Western Sydney App Design