An idea can be anything. However to have a successful idea, continuous iterations of steps must be taken to test the integrity of the idea. Some of the most common steps, that are questions to ask yourself, are:

  • Is this idea financially viable?
  • Is this idea technically feasible?
  • Is someone else already doing this?
  • Could this be made simpler / differently?

Once these questions have been asked and asked again, your idea should now be ready to continue in the design process. Without this initial testing, the app would not survive the development process as holes in its structure would start to appear and grow.


A spec is a blueprint or description of what your app does and how it accomplishes its goal. It is very important to do a spec sheet in both private and client projects. This gives everyone a clear guide as to what needs to be done and how these tasks need to be done in order to develop the app.


Wireframes are incredibly basic visuals, consisting of lines and boxes only, that show what the app will look like and how it will flow. Almost all people working on the app should be part of this process so they get a firm understanding of what the app does, how it will look and how it will flow when the user uses it.


Prototyping is the flesh that is now put onto the bones (wireframes) creates previously. Although not final, these should give a clear understanding as to how the app will function at its bare minimum state.

Visual Design

We now start to put the cloths onto our app. This is accomplished by colour schemes, typography, brand components, imagery and more.


Once we know exactly what the app will do, look like and function like, we move to the development stage. This is where a developer or a team of developers start to create the application. The more detail you provide in the previous stages, the better the outcome from the developers.


Although people usually think that after development you’re done, the truth of it is that the process never ends. The app can always improve or be built apon.


Building an app comprises of some basic steps. However they should not be treated lightly as each step must be done meticulously in order for the app to be successful. Without doing each of these steps correctly, the app will never reach development. However if all steps are completed with high levels of detail, the app will not only be completed, but be able to be built apon and upgraded forever.