We were asked to give an elevator pitch on our app that would go for around 30 seconds.

Ever been running late to work or don’t know where to catch the next bus to your destination? We all know public transport is never on time, where they can be 5, 10 minutes late or even never show up. That’s why I have developed this application.
– You can easily see where all buses, trains and ferries are in real time. Making is less likely you’ll miss your ride. Leave home a little later or have a sleep in knowing that your bus will arrive 15 minutes late.
– Have set destinations to see what services you can catch and where you can catch them from. Instantly know if there are changes in which station a train or ferry will arrive
– Live traffic updates help identify reasons your ride is late, estimate how long your ride is or whether its worth finding an alternate way to your destination.
– Check how full your ride is. Having a late bus come and not let people on is annoying. Having this information allows you to make smarter decisions.