Joe opens the app and presses on the map to where he needs to go to work. As Joe is in a rush he does not care about the bus timetable and when the next bus is, rather he needs to know where closest bus is. He is able to see live, where the buses are and where the nearest bus stop is. Animations will be few as they take time out of the very limited amount Joe has. Joe sees that there is a bus coming up close to a stop near him, he closes the app and starts jogging to the location. As he arrives the bus pulls up and he gets on. Joe is relieved that he can be on time for work. He saves his work location and home location to easily find buses around him.

Elsa is a 17 year old high school student. Living with full time working parents she usually needs to catch the bus or train to school everyday. Elsa timetable consists of standard classes but also early morning classes, afternoon classes and free periods. Trying to make the most out of her day and time, elsa needs to look for buses not part of her usual day-to-day movements. As Elsa as free periods she sometimes goes with friends to the local shopping center.
Using the app, Elsa can see press on a location on the map and find buses near her going to that destination. Elsa will mostly be using the app at home or school. Elsa knows buses can be unpredictable with arrival times and does not want to wait 10min for the bus or find out she has missed it. Being able to see exactly where the buses are, she is able to make the most out of her time and have confidence she is not wasting it.