Elevator Pitch — May 22, 2017

Elevator Pitch

We were asked to give an elevator pitch on our app that would go for around 30 seconds.

Ever been running late to work or don’t know where to catch the next bus to your destination? We all know public transport is never on time, where they can be 5, 10 minutes late or even never show up. That’s why I have developed this application.
– You can easily see where all buses, trains and ferries are in real time. Making is less likely you’ll miss your ride. Leave home a little later or have a sleep in knowing that your bus will arrive 15 minutes late.
– Have set destinations to see what services you can catch and where you can catch them from. Instantly know if there are changes in which station a train or ferry will arrive
– Live traffic updates help identify reasons your ride is late, estimate how long your ride is or whether its worth finding an alternate way to your destination.
– Check how full your ride is. Having a late bus come and not let people on is annoying. Having this information allows you to make smarter decisions.
User Scenarios —

User Scenarios

Joe opens the app and presses on the map to where he needs to go to work. As Joe is in a rush he does not care about the bus timetable and when the next bus is, rather he needs to know where closest bus is. He is able to see live, where the buses are and where the nearest bus stop is. Animations will be few as they take time out of the very limited amount Joe has. Joe sees that there is a bus coming up close to a stop near him, he closes the app and starts jogging to the location. As he arrives the bus pulls up and he gets on. Joe is relieved that he can be on time for work. He saves his work location and home location to easily find buses around him.

Elsa is a 17 year old high school student. Living with full time working parents she usually needs to catch the bus or train to school everyday. Elsa timetable consists of standard classes but also early morning classes, afternoon classes and free periods. Trying to make the most out of her day and time, elsa needs to look for buses not part of her usual day-to-day movements. As Elsa as free periods she sometimes goes with friends to the local shopping center.
Using the app, Elsa can see press on a location on the map and find buses near her going to that destination. Elsa will mostly be using the app at home or school. Elsa knows buses can be unpredictable with arrival times and does not want to wait 10min for the bus or find out she has missed it. Being able to see exactly where the buses are, she is able to make the most out of her time and have confidence she is not wasting it.

Western Sydney App – Part 2 — March 12, 2017

Western Sydney App – Part 2

How do you describe the visual Design?
The layout is simple. Only icons and some text. However this does not make it a very simple and easy to navigate app. Although simple, there are to many icons and there is also a second page of them.
For an app, the screen real estate to so valuable. As we are already in an app we know the company of why does the logo take up almost one third of the apps screen space?
Does it match the university’s brand image?
Yes. The logo and colours makes the app easily identifiable. The icons keep to the brand guidelines as well as the type.
What improvements could be made?
The apps navigation system needs to simplify. With to many icons, the app looks crowded and with every icons keeping the same style, colour and size, the user needs to look hard to find what they want to find. This can be improved with 4 categories holding the relevant icons.
The app is very dull. You can not look at the app for more then ten seconds without feeling bored or having the urge to click away. Adding imagery would liven up the app, making it more user friendly to the eye.
Here is the original design:
Here is my redesign:
This consists of the loading screen, app page and selected category.
Western Sydney App Design
Western Sydney App – Part 1 — March 1, 2017

Western Sydney App – Part 1

We have been given the task of looking at the Western Sydney University App and map the UX and UI to better understand how the app works.

What is included in the App?

  • Maps, Directory, Events, Emergency, VUWS, MyIt, Students, Central, Shuttle, Library, Help, Services, Wellbeing, Careers, Gradlife, Videos, News, Residences, Books, Social, Food, Summer, Clubs, Sport
  • These apps have been organized from “most used” on the first page, to “least used” on the second page. No categories have been made.

Site Flow Example:

  • App > Selected Icon > Chrome page

User Experience (UI) Flow

I will be looking at a scenario where a student needs to find out where the university buses are at the Parramatta North campus.


User Interface (UI)

  • Is the app easy to use? – The western app is fairly simple, with only 2 pages with icons to use.
  • Does it match the university’s brand image? – Yes. The app has the university logo and colour scheme.
  • What improvements could be made? – Its a hassle to constantly change your university password. IT would be great if there was a way to do this through the app. The different pages on the app are not clearly visible or accessed.